Fitness Movement Gym

Fitness Movement is an integrated fitness company that has diverse fitness programmes to help the corporate sector, the youth and the physique sports community to achieve their individual fitness goals. Services and training offered includes: Corporate fitness programmes, Youth fitness movements, Direct consumer fitness training, Fitness/physique competitions and Social Community Project


Training Services Available
– Corporate fitness programmes
– Youth fitness movements
– Direct consumer fitness training
– Fitness/physique competitions
– Social Community Project

Gym Facilities
– Changing Room
– Lockers

Scape, 2 Orchard Link Road #03-06, Singapore 237978



Opening Hours
Mon To Fri – 7 A.M To 11 P.M.
Sat To Sun – 8 A.M To 9 P.M.

Fitness and Training services we offer:

Corporate Fitness Programmes: Our corporate programme includes fitness retreat, corporate health and fitness talks and corporate fitness classes.

Youth Fitness Movements: To assist the Nation in getting the youth to engage in most fitness activity.

Direct Consumer Fitness Training: Provides direct consumers fitness services such as personal fitness training, group training classes inclusively of medical fitness and special population training.

Fitness/Physique competitions: We are the main physique sports organiser in Singapore that represents 80% of all competitive fitness models and bodybuilders nationwide.

Social Community Project: We provide fitness training and life skills mentoring to the youths-at-risk in the Singapore Boys’ and Girls’ Home

Our Vision

To be Asia’s Top sports media property, merging diverse cultures in celebrating health & fitness as a lifestyle and athletes’ pursuit to sporting excellence

Our Philosophy

True strength lies not in one’s ability to lift weights, but to lift one’s confidence and self-esteem. And that is makes a champion.” – Kevin Chiak, 2018

Statement by the founder
Champions are not born the day they take the stage, they are born when they truly decided to pay the daily price of championship. They must first believe and hunger after success, that the hunger for success is the irreplaceable DNA of a champion. – Kevin Chiak, 2018


Founder of Fitness Movement – Kevin Chiak


Co Founder of Fitness Movement – Sabrina Ang

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Our Transformation and Results

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