Personal Trainer Jobs in Singapore – Join our team

Looking to turn your fitness passion into a career? At personal trainer solutions, we are always looking for fresh, passionate and committed personal trainers who place their client’s transformation as their top priority. If you are hungry for new PT clients, hardworking, committed and a reliable personal trainer, we are looking for people like you!

We offer the best commission rates in town as we strongly believe personal trainers deserve a better profit from their passion. We would rather working with a handful of committed personal trainers/ fitness professionals and helping them to become successful than to have tons of unreliable trainers/ fitness professionals on our books.

Fitness and Personal Trainer Positions Available:

No matter at which stage you are at in your fitness career, if you are a right fit for us, we have a position/ partnership opportunity for you. We are currently looking for the following positions:
(1) Full-time personal trainers
(2) Part-time/ freelance personal trainers
(3) Part-time/ freelance kick-boxing trainers
(4) Part-time/ freelance sports massage therapist
(5) Part-time/ freelance nutritionist and dietitian

Feel free to contact our team should you have any questions or like to find out more about the current available positions. You may contact our HR Manager via WhatsApp +65 8751 0501.

Why join us at Personal Trainer Solutions?

Personal Training as a Service: The millennial generation is slowly shifting away from the traditional means of engaging personal trainers via expensive gym memberships sign-up. Join the fitness industry revolution by being at the forefront of this shift. Clients get to enjoy professional personal trainer with all the strings attached.
Flexible & Convenient: Enjoy regular supply of local clients seeking personal training. We will allocate clients to you within your area of convenience, based on your available schedule. Trainings can be conducted at place of client’s convenience, condo, public, partner gyms or nearby parks.
You are your own Boss: Decide when and where you want to take on a client, build up your own trainee clientele base and improve your earnings.


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