As the leading provider of experienced and certified personal trainers for gyms, one-on-one fitness and fitness classes specialising in muscle building personal training and body building training. Muscle building training is ideal if you want to strip fat, increase lean muscle mass or bulk up in the right places.

With a muscle building training program developed by our personal trainers you will achieve the results you’re after far more quickly than following your normal fitness regimes. Our Singapore personal trainers know the right training techniques to help you build muscle fast, for a leaner, meaner physique that will make you the envy of your friends! We understand how hard it can be to lose those last stubborn kilos to reveal taut abs, glutes and quads and our trainers have the knowledge and expertise to efficiently target all of the problem areas.

When you are matched with a trainer through our Singapore personal training portal they will individually tailor a muscle building personal training program to meet your individual needs. Even better, you will be able to train at a location chosen by you, whether you prefer training at your home gym or condo, outdoors or at the nearest public gym.

Who is the muscle building program for?


The muscle building programs offered by our trainers at Personal Trainer Singapore are suitable for men and women of all ages. Our Singapore personal trainers are experienced in customising muscle building programs for a wide range of requirements, from men and women wanting to improve their physiques through to professional athletes, body builders and models wanting to increase muscle mass and enhance their appearance, fitness or performance.

Muscle building training programs can be developed for those wanting rapid results for short-term goals, for example body builders training for a competition through to those committed to long-term goals, such as athletes building muscle to increase their performance on a permanent basis.

Because muscle building programs are developed individually, focusing on each client’s specific muscle building goals, these programs are ideal for everyone. While muscle building personal training programs are designed to increase muscle, this doesn’t always refer to building muscle bulk, as there are muscle building programs designed specifically for those wanting to become leaner.

Muscle building programs offer great results for:

• body builders
• body sculptors
• fitness models
• professional athletes
• men and women wanting to lose weight and increase muscle
• patients requiring injury rehabilitation

What can you expect from this program?

When you are matched with a personal trainer through Personal Trainer Singapore for a muscle building program you can expect it to incorporate training methods that have been tested and proven to offer great results in muscle gains.

Before an individual muscle building training program is developed for you by a Singapore personal trainer through our agency, the trainer will arrange a one-on-one consultation with you. During the consultation the personal trainer will discuss with you what you hope to achieve from the training program, as well as important information such as your personal health, fitness regimes, diet and any injuries or illnesses that may impact on your training program.

After having a consultation with you the personal trainer you’ve been matched with will create your muscle building training program targeted towards your personal requirements, whether you’re trying to achieve a short or long-term goal.

If you follow every facet of the muscle building personal training program that has been specifically designed for you, as well as any diet and nutrition tips, you can achieve superior results in muscle building for a better physique and increase you self confidence, fitness and body image.

Get trained by certified personal trainers

With Personal Trainer Singapore you have peace-of-mind that you will be trained by an experienced, fully certified personal trainer. Our Singapore personal trainers have expertise in muscle building training for all types of requirements, with programs that have been proven to deliver results.

Every personal trainer that is contracted by our agency has an extensive background in the latest muscle building techniques and methods, as well as nutrition and diet tips to help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. Whether your personal muscle building goal is to be in better shape for a wedding or special event or you’re wanting to enhance your fitness and sporting performance, our personal trainers will create the perfect program to accommodate your needs.

We only employ the best personal trainers available in Singapore at our agency, by ensuring every trainer goes through a stringent selection process.

Muscle Building Diet and Nutrition Plans (Optional Add-on)

At Personal Trainer Singapore we understand the important role that diet and nutrition plays in helping you achieve your muscle building goals and offer the option of a comprehensive diet and nutrition plan to every client. In order to create a diet and nutrition plan specifically for your individual requirements our personal trainers will ask you detailed questions about your diet history and lifestyle.

Your personal trainer will then take your body composition statistics and ask you about your goals before combining all of this information into a body transformation plan that’s unique to your individual requirements. After the body transformation plan is in place your trainer will monitor your progression daily through emails and feedback, as well as spend time tailoring your plan to ensure the best results. Your body composition stats will be assessed at regular intervals during this process.

Muscle Building Program FAQ

Here are some of the questions our trainers at Personal Trainer Singapore are commonly asked about our muscle building programs.

Q) Is it possible to build excess muscle without gaining additional fat?

A) If you monitor your calorie surplus and stay within 500 calories you can build muscle effectively while gaining either no additional fat or a very minimal amount.

Q) Does cardio need to be incorporated in my muscle building program?

A) No, it’s not necessary to have cardio in your muscle building program but we do advise if you find your calorie surplus is resulting in further weight gain to incorporate some cardio.

Q) Is it better for me to workout at home or should I go to a gym?

A) As our personal trainers can supply all of the equipment you need for your muscle building training, you can workout just as effectively at home or the gym. But if you prefer to use a greater selection of equipment when training it’s a good idea to train at a gym.

Q) How long do I need to workout to build muscle?

A) We suggest working out for at least 60 minutes each session.

Get started on your Muscle Building Program now!

If you want to transform your body and increase your fitness, sign up for a muscle building program with one of our experienced, fully certified Singapore personal trainers today! You’ll be amazed by the results of our tried and proven muscle building programs. For your convenience our personal trainers will travel to you, whether you prefer working out at home, your public gym or even outdoors. If you have a busy schedule, our personal trainers can schedule training sessions within your muscle building program that will fit seamlessly into your daily routine and lifestyle.

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