Online Personal Training and Coaching

Are you ready to transform your body? Are you looking for a real solution to your weight loss and fitness goals without gimmicks, fads or false promises?

Then look no further. Our tailored online program is designed to push you to success, no matter where you are located, and is the perfect path to a happier, healthier you. For an affordable rate, you get access to nutritional advice, personal training, goal setting and much more!

1 to 1 – nutritional consultation and review

When joining our program every client is expected to keep a food diary outlining what they eat every day. From this information, we can help to assess your eating habits and develop positive steps forward, eliminating problem foods and boosting those areas where more nutrients are required. We don’t believe in ‘diets.’ We believe in giving your body the nourishment that it needs to meet your goals. This could mean eating more food to build strength and bulk, or scaling back on certain problem foods while replacing them with more nutritious items to promote a leaner physique. We work with you to make sure food is working with you towards your end results.

Tailored exercise programs based on your fitness goals

At our online gym, there is not a one size fits all exercise program. Our program includes everything from cardio, to weights, to resistance training, to stretching, to active rest. When you begin we conduct an audit of your current level of fitness so we can gradually build up to where you need to be to reach your goal. We work with your previous experience and your medical history to ensure that the program is appropriate and sustainable so you don’t burn out early on. Your personalised program is prepared just for you and will include activities to keep you motivated and seeing small successes along the way, giving you the drive to keep pushing towards the best version of your physical self.

Professional private coaching at affordable rates

On top of your personalised program, we can offer you professional private coaching at very cost-effective rates. Our coaches are much cheaper than visiting the personal trainer at your local gym but offer much more. They will bring their elite coaching expertise to assess your progress and offer corrections and advice about how you can maximise your time. Working one on one with our coaches will give you the personalised information about your diet, exercise and goals that you need to stay on track when you might usually feel like giving up. We are here to rally you through the good and the bad, so you come out the other side feeling the true rewards of your hard work.


Regular check-in with assigned trainer

Included in your program, we will assign you a trainer that will check in with you regularly to see how you are progressing. These chats are equally about motivating you as they are about hearing your feedback and finding ways to keep the program working for you.

Train anywhere anytime

The great thing about our online program is that you can literally train anywhere that you like! You can sign up to our program no matter where you live, and still enjoy the full benefits. Getting fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. Unlike normal gyms where going on holidays means putting your membership on hold, with us, you can take your program with you anywhere in the world. Your progress doesn’t need to slow down just because you are in a different time zone. Think of this as the fitness regime of the future. A program that is mobile, versatile and suited to a busy modern lifestyle.


3 reasons why we started our online personal training program

We started our online personal training program for 3 key reasons.

1. We got tired of seeing people who were too busy to join a face-to-face gym and instead try and get all their fitness needs on YouTube or other websites. Because those programs are not specifically designed for them, they ultimately give up. We wanted to make something both convenient and effective.

2. Our trainers are all committed to the program because we have always wanted to help people. When we get to see people improve their physique through strengthening and losing excess body fat, it is extremely rewarding. We love seeing people reach their goals and feel good about themselves.

3. Going to the gym isn’t possible, or cost effective for everyone, but we believe that fitness is truly for everyone! We wanted to devise a program that makes getting in shape accessible, and to give the opportunity to access quality fitness programs to as many people as possible.

Who is suitable for our online personal training?

Our online training program is tailor-made to get results, and we have to be entirely honest and say that it isn’t for everyone. While it doesn’t require face-to-face hours in a gym, it does require hard work, commitment and discipline. We expect a lot from our clients, just as they expect a lot from us. We need you to be dedicated to tracking your nutrition, completing your custom training program, and checking in regularly with your trainer. We want to help those that truly want to help themselves, and once you are part of our team, we will give you every tool you need to succeed, as well as our unwavering focus. If you are having problems, we want to hear why, so we can help you through the hurdles, but we won’t help you quit. We will hear your goals and drive you towards them.


3 Benefits of our Online Personal Training and Coaching

The 3 main benefits of our online personal training and coaching compared to just watching workout videos on YouTube or blindly following an app.

1. Tailored programs

You can watch 100 videos on YouTube but if they aren’t tailored to your specific needs or suited to where you are right now in your fitness journey, you could be wasting your time. Our tailored programs are designed to build over time and focus on strength and conditioning, as well as gaining a leaner physique.

This means you will have the right foundations in place to maintain your new routines, rather than just shredding off body fat that will return when you slip back into old patterns.

A video can’t guide you through your exercises and ensure they are performed correctly, to prevent you from getting injured and ultimately needing to take time off from your training while you recover. We can. Our exercises are safe and suited to a variety of levels. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all model.

2. Direct access to a professional fitness trainer for any questions

With our online program, you aren’t just left alone with a bunch of tables and instructions that can be confusing and daunting if you don’t know how to begin. We make sure you have access to your own professional fitness trainer so that you feel supported every step of the way.

If you aren’t sure how to perform a certain exercise, no problem, we are here to help. If you aren’t sure if your nutrition plan is working for you, give us a call and we can discuss your options with you.

We offer all the benefits of a face-to-face trainer without the price tag. And what’s better, we understand the demand of today’s busy lifestyles, so you can chat with your trainer from home, work or while you are commuting. We never want you to feel like you are taking this fitness journey alone. We are here to answer all your questions.

3. Regular review of your nutritional and dietary plans

There are plenty of ready-made nutritional and dietary plans online, but like any diet, they don’t work for everyone, and you might find yourself hopping from plan to plan because you just can’t find something that works for you. Everyone’s body and lifestyle are different; that is why we tailor make your nutritional plan along with your training program.

We review your dietary plan frequently to make sure you are seeing the results you want, and that you are able to stick to it. If you are having problems eating what is on the plan, maybe it is because you are bored, or not feeling satisfied. We can make adjustments to ensure your plan is working for you and isn’t a struggle.

Fad diets are a thing of the past. We want to develop healthy habits that you will enjoy, and that will make your body feel great, so you will adopt these changes into your lifestyle long term.

It’s time to take action

If you are ready to start making a positive change in your life but have not been able to stick to a traditional fitness regime, or diet plan, then perhaps our online training program is your ticket to a healthier and happier version of yourself. Our program is easy to follow, easy to access anywhere, and very affordable. There are no more excuses!

If you would like to find out more or discuss the different options available, please get in touch today. We would love to help you on your fitness journey!

Online Personal Training Rates

  • Period
  • 1 Subscription
  • Thereafter & Recurring
  • 1 Month
  • $178
  • $150/ Mth
  • 3 Month
  • $500 ($167/ Mth)
  • $150/ Mth
  • 6 Month
  • $950 ($158/ Mth)
  • $150/ Mth

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