It’s crucial to maintain your health and fitness while pregnant for your own personal health, and for the well-being of the baby growing inside you. We offer pre and post natal personal training using the latest exercises and techniques to help you manage your weight, keep in shape and strengthen the muscles in your limbo-pelvic hip complex.

Our personal trainers have an in-depth understanding of how the female body works and will prepare you for the body changes you will go through during the different trimesters. As the baby develops our trainers will train you in the back exercises you need to help you avoid any injuries as the baby grows. With an extensive knowledge of diet and nutrition, our personal trainers can also create a diet plan that will provide you with the right nutrition for you to manage your energy levels and assist with your baby’s healthy development.

After pre-natal personal training your body will be prepared physically when the time comes for your delivery, helping to make the process more effortless and recuperation time far quicker. Postnatal training can start as quickly as 4 to 6 weeks after exercising, while training after a Caesarean-section is able to begin 10 to 12 weeks after the procedure, once your wounds have healed. Our postnatal training will focus on developing your core strength and helping you lose any additional baby weight so that you are looking and feeling good in no time!

List of benefits of pre-natal personal training

There are many different benefits that are provided through pre-natal personal training, both for the body and the mind in the lead-up to giving birth. Some of the many benefits are listed below:

• Increase energy levels
• Maintain good health and fitness throughout the pregnancy
• Reduce any back pain related to the pregnancy
• Relieve any tension, stress and depression that is related to the pregnancy
• Prevent excess pregnancy weight gain
• Enhance self-image and self-esteem
• Increase oxygen and nutrient flow throughout the body
• Assist with your baby’s healthy development
• Increase your body’s ability to have a safer and easier labour

List of benefits of postnatal personal training

After you’ve given birth it can often be hard to maintain motivation due to late nights and lack of sleep, as well as lose excess baby weight without the professional assistance of a personal trainer. Here is a list of benefits that can be achieved from postnatal personal training:

• Lose any excess baby weight gained throughout the pregnancy
• Regain your pre-pregnancy shape
• Strengthen and tone your abdominal area and your lower back
• Increase your sense of well-being
• Enhance your self-image and self-esteem
• Prevent or manage any post-partum blues after your pregnancy
• Increase overall fitness and strength

Why choose us for pre/postnatal personal training?

We are Singapore’s leading personal training agency and can match you with one of the best pre/postnatal personal trainers available. All our personal trainers go through a stringent selection process before being employed by our agency, so you are assured of receiving the highest standard of service and professional assistance when it comes to fitness training and nutrition.

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