At personal trainer solutions, we will match you with a trainer according to your budget.

Enjoy training at your desired training location, within your training budget. No expensive gym membership sign-ups.

Ready to start on your fitness journey, loss the extra weight you always wanted or build the muscles you always dream of?

WhatsApp or call our fitness manager who will provide a free consultation over the phone on which training plans best suits you.

How much does a personal trainer cost?

Find our personal training services rates details below:

Personal Trainer Rates

We have a wide range of well-experienced, certified and professional personal fitness trainers that we can match with you. Below is a rates guide on the skills and experience level of our fitness trainers. Our rates are as follows:

Packages4 Sessions – Try out8 Sessions – 4% Discount16 Sessions – 8% Discount (Best Seller)36 Sessions – 10% Discount
GOLD$160/ Session$1286.40 (U.P. $1340)$2465.60 (U.P. $2680)$5427 ( U.P. $6350)
SILVER$135/ Session$1056 ( U.P $1100)$2024( U.P. $2200 )$4455 ( U.P. $ 5270)
BRONZE$110/ Session$825.60 (U.P. $860)$1584 (U.P. $1722)$3486.2 (U.P. $4194)

Training Package Includes

PT Training Package ( 8, 16, 36 sessions) includes:

1) Weekly progress tracker on training done
2) Weekly calories tracker
3) Weekly review / feedback from PTS on the progression
4) Progression report upon completion of the package
5) Additional 5% discount on 16 and 36 sessions renewals

36 session packages come with 1 FREE Consultation with Macquerie chiropractic (Worth $320)

Client can Choose to convert ANY 1 session into a Chiropractic with HelpHeal Singapore

Difference Between Gold, Silver and Bronze Trainers

Bronze Trainers: Competent and Skillful trainers that have been selected on board with us from our in-house selection criteria. Personal trainers with up to 2 years of experience.

Silver Trainers: Highly Experienced trainers with 2 – 6 years  in personal training and coaching. Certified trainers from various accredited organizations. Trainers from this category are well-qualified in developing training programs towards a more specified target, focusing on results and achievements.

Gold Trainers: Professional Trainers who possess all the skills to help clients to achieve the results they want. Trainers in this cateogry hold specialized certifications with clients with special needs (e.g. Rehabilitation, pre natal. TRX) Or have vast experience in competitive sports (power lifting, swimming, marathon). Trainers with 6 or more years experience in personal training or sports coaching.

WhatsApp us for more info or ask us any questions 🙂

Fitness Training & Classes Rates

Please call or WhatsApp us for the training rates for the following trainings:

  • Pre/ Post natal trainings
  • Recovery trainings
  • Physiotherapy trainings sessions
  • Private yoga classes
  • Other personalise trainings requirements