25 Weight Loss Tips for Busy Men and Women

Busy schedules demand focus, and it can be easy to lose track of health and fitness, no matter how big or small, young or old, you are.

Below are 25 tips to help you lose weight while you’re on the go. Let us know your top tips in the comments below!

1. Replace an unhealthy food item

Weight loss is 80% food, 20% exercise, so replace one unhealthy part of your diet, like a can of drink, with a low-calorie version when doing the groceries.

2. Check out fitness videos

Gone are the days of going to the shop and buying Pilates on VHS, but the internet provides countless workout videos you can squeeze in during lunch in your office or while cooking dinner.

3. Get a fitness tracker

When we have screaming kids or demanding bosses, the last thing we want to do is make time in our hectic schedules for a personal trainer to yell at us. Invest in a fitness tracker to achieve the same goal, without the tears.

4. Create a smartphone food diary

Tap on your phone’s notes and enter what you’ve eaten for the day. After reviewing your diet, you’ll likely pick healthy foods instead of the calorie-packed snacks that won’t let that belly pooch leave.

5. Introduce healthy snacking

Replace a sugary snack with vegetables covered in a low-calorie dip to feel satisfied and reduce the number of calories you’ve consumed for the day to promote weight loss.

6. Buy pre-cut vegetables

You can buy pre-cut vegetables and dips such as hummus, tzatziki, organic peanut butter, and more in the time it takes to open the wrapper of a snack bound to cause a sugar high – then a devastating crash an hour later.

7. Take your lunch to work

Cook healthy lunches on your day off, and freeze them in plastic containers. Then all you have to do is whip them out and defrost in the microwave.

8. Start your day with breakfast

Make sure you have breakfast to avoid overeating at work and becoming ‘hangry’. Quick oats are a great low-calorie option, helping you to stay fuller for longer.

9. Drink more water H20

Sometimes we are thirsty, not hungry, so grab a one-litre water bottle and sip on it throughout the day to clear any conflict up between your brain and stomach.

10. Treat yourself

Restricting yourself can lead to an unhealthy attitude, which is arguably worse than an unhealthy diet. Have that chocolate or bowl of pasta – just not all the time.

11. Buy a spiralizer

Spiralizers can trick your mind into believing that you’re eating spaghetti when you’re really eating zucchini. If you’re extremely time poor, buy an electric spiralizer for instantaneous vegetable pasta.

12. Replace rice with vegetables

Rice is a staple in many households, but it also contains a lot of calories. Buy some cauliflower on your next shop and throw it in a food processor or buy it pre-packaged. You’ll have rice consistency for 10% of the calories.

13. Get a blood test

Ask for a blood test at your next doctor’s appointment to detect any mineral or vitamin deficiencies that can be addressed, giving you more energy to exercise.

14. Add herbs

Make vegetables more desirable by adding herbs to them – there are more herbs than coriander, like cumin.

15. Follow fitness social media accounts

Following accounts can motivate you to squeeze in a workout, with tips available on how to make the most out of your time.

16. Invite your friends over for dinner

Eating in can save you money and calories. Preparing healthy meals, such as lettuce burritos, for your friends allows you to socialise and lose weight at the same time.

17. Buy sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have fewer calories than white potatoes, and they’re tastier too.

18. Give yourself a break

Don’t be too hard on yourself or you can ruin all your hard work by crashing. Rest days are recommended.

19. Work wellness programs

Get your colleagues involved in corporate fitness programs to create bonds and support where you work.

20. Create daily challenges

Set yourself daily goals, such as taking the stairs to your office instead of the lift.

21. Do exercise you enjoy

Jog with a friend or you might like dancing or handball or another unique sport. Playing something you enjoy will shed the weight without you noticing.

22. Shop for longer

The longer you shop, the more you walk which will help burn off that treat you had.

23. Walk or cycle to work

It’s a common recommendation, but it’s worthwhile for both you and the environment.

24. Look-up portion size

We can accidentally overeat without realising, so look at fitness accounts online (recommended above) to see how much you should be eating.

25. Love yourself

You’re doing your best!